Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ayna - Hyderabadi Food Fest

Yet another bloggers' meet at the Hilton. I'd already missed the first one, and wouldn't miss this for the world.

This is a live blog and I will be posting as we eat. Shadir, Karthik and I are already here. Doc Waz just reached. We are waiting for Divyan to join us. Mr Karthik (Ayna) is here to help us and walk us through the menu and will assist us through the dinner.

The welcome drink arrives - Sherbat-e-Shahi. This has dates, cashewnuts, gulkhand, almonds. Cold and refreshing, this is a perfect drink to start the evening. As we start, the Chef is here. Chef Vijay is going to send the starters now.

The veg starter is Dahi ke Kebab - Boy ain't I impressed. Succulent, slightly sour from the curd, soft and tender, melts in the mouth and any other yum adjective that I can think of.

The pick of the non veg starters is Lal Mirch ka Jinga. :)

Next to arrive is the bharwan mirchi - molaga bajji molaga stuffed with corn and peas. Not spicy at all, but tastes yum with the tomato garlic side. This is followed by the ambada (gongura) paneer tikka. An interesting combination I must say. I really couldn't feel the taste of gongura but it sure was mildly sour. 

We were asked to try it with lal mirch rotis. Doc asked me to try the zaffrani paranthas. These are made with fine flour and saffron, topped with poppy seeds, almonds and pistachios. Crunchy on the outside, soft and perfectly cooked on the inside, slightly sweet but perfect! 

Doc Waz is eating and the plate is snatched taken away :D :D whattay! ;-)

The main course arrives. 

Sabz Milano (no, not that Milan), Panneer Tamatar and Kheri Dal, with Indian Bread. :) I really can't explain how tasty each dish is. Just that this is a Hyderabadi festival but the food is not SPICY. The Chef explains that the foreigners find it too spicy and hence he had to tone down the spice!

The dessert arrives. Meantime, we were discussing on food blogs :-) And the non vegetarians took on the poor ol' veggie me (the lone lady) with all the teasing - but hey, what's a CFG meet without a little fun! :P :P

Khubani ka meeta (stewed apricot with cream) and shahi tukda - a little too sweet for my liking. And all of us felt that way! 

And we are done.  Chef Vijay Singh is open for feedback and accepts our comments gracefully rather than defending why he made the dish a certain way. Wasim is explaining what he loved. And explain what I loved in the veggie lot. 

A happy lot we are.Doc gave the vote of thanks and we now thank every one else and almost about to step out! Thanks to Karthik - Ayna's manager - for obliging to my request for getting me an internet connection. :) 

This fest is on until next Sunday (10th Nov). Don't miss it! 

I loved blogging live and I'm super kicked about it! I hope I can do this more often :-) 

Adios from Ayna! Thank you for a wonderful experience!


  1. Live at a sports event..this is definitely taking it up to a different level deepa...i just wish you'd put a few video links in too..for the "complete" experience

  2. It's quite a nice place.. Was there earlier this year on womens day for a dinner hosted by Westland

    And now madam does away with the magic genie n live blogs.. Lol


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